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Before you start reading about the training we provide we have some questions for you. Why do you want to get your laser operator’s license to remove tattoos? Do you:
a) Have the ambition to one day open your own clinic and do big things?
b) Want to work in our clinic and be part of something great?
c) Want your license so you can get a job somewhere someday?

If your answer is ‘C’ we’re probably not the right place for you to complete your training. We do things a little different with a strong focus on not only your laser training hours but helping you build your empire!

If you answered ‘A’ or ‘B’ read on!

Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal provide professional, one to one laser tattoo removal training. We are not a “laser tattoo removal school” meaning we only take very limited trainees through their 100 hours of practical training allowing us to provide a personal experience giving everyone all the necessary time they need to feel confident operating a laser. We assure our trainees complete their training with not only the knowledge to operate a laser safely and efficiently but also the best opportunity to thrive in the tattoo removal industry. At Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal you are not just a number, we live and breathe tattoo removal and want our trainees to embrace that same passion we developed while completing our training and allow them to build on it just like we have throughout our years of operation.

Don’t get sucked into completing your hours at a tattoo removal school that’s just about making money from their trainees rather than showing genuine interest - make the right choice and let Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal fuel that fire you have to be the best tattoo removal provider in Brisbane!

What is involved?

After successfully completing the necessary courses you can then apply for your Trainee Use License from Queensland Radiation Health. Once you’ve obtained this license you can then start your 100 hours of practical training in our clinic.
Queensland Radiation Health requires all trainees to complete 100 logged hours of practical training under the supervision of a Radiation Safety Officer who must also deem the trainee competent before obtaining an “unrestricted” Use License. Our trainer holds an “unrestricted” Use License and is also a Radiation Safety Officer so therefore can certify your competency.
Once you’ve completed your 100 hours and we’ve deemed you competent we will assist you in the process of acquiring your “unrestricted” Use License from Queensland Radiation Health.

Tattoo removal training

Tattoo Removal Training FAQ

How much does it cost?

Our 100 hours of training costs $8,000. Basically we charge you our “minimum charge” rate ($80) per hour of training. Whether you choose to pay this or you forward the cost onto your “model” is completely up to you. If you do choose to forward this cost onto your “model” is can be very beneficial to your “model” especially if they have a big tattoo (a minimum charge would normally be applied to a tattoo up to the size of a business card).

What are your payment options?

We obviously accept up front lump sum payment of the full price of training. We also accept smaller lump sum payment periodically throughout the course of your training. Our most popular payment option is pay as you go, we accept payment of the $80 at the completion of each hour! How good!?

How long does it take to complete 100 hours?

This is entirely up to you. Most trainees complete their hours while working another job so therefore need to work around their 9-5 working hours. We offer training on Mondays 9:00am - 9:30pm, Tuesday 5:30pm - 9:30pm, Wednesday 6:30pm 9:30pm & Saturdays 9:00am-5:00pm. Generally, we would recommend allowing at least 12 months to complete your training.

Do I need to provide my own “models”?

Yes you do. We understand some “tattoo removal schools” provide you your models but as previously mentioned we do things differently. We believe that having our trainees find their own models introduces them to the challenge of advertising & marketing to find clients. We feel that hand feeding trainees models gives a false sense of what to expect once you’ve completed your training and can almost set you up to fail which is not at all what we’re about. Yes, everybody tells you they have a tattoo they want removed but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re willing to commit to getting it removed - trust us, we’ve experienced this firsthand!



Tattoo removal training
Tattoo removal training
Tattoo removal training
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