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License to Kill?

As a kid, shooting people at Laser Force or pointing a laser pointer into the distance and being so amazed by it was as far as I every really even thought about lasers. To think now that I am Licensed and Certified by Queensland Radiation Health to not only operate a laser but to use one to remove ink from peoples skin is pretty crazy.

Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania are (for now) the benchmark for formal regulatory structures surrounding the process of becoming a Laser Operator. This means in Qld, WA & Tasmania it is illegal to just buy a laser off Ebay and start lasering people without any prior training or licenses. This sounds like common sense right? Well not to regulatory authorities in all other states because you quite literally can do exactly that!


In short (I know it doesn't look short but I really tried) the process in Queensland to become a Laser Operator involves completing a Laser Safety Officer certificate and Infection Control certificate to gain a trainee license which allows you to then complete 100 hours of practical training under supervision of a Radiation Safety Officer. You then need to apply and gain your full Use License, buy your compliant Laser then apply for a License to Acquire and a Possession License which allows you to basically own the laser at a particular premises. To make sure your laser and clinic comply with Australian standards and regulations you then need them both certified by Qld Radiation Health. Finally you also need your Radiation Safety Officers certificate. There are a number of other processes and documents that need to also be in place and followed to legally use a laser but I don't want to bore you any further. Oh yeah AND just because you've completed 100 hours of practical training to remove tattoos doesn't mean you can then perform any cosmetic laser treatment, treatment specific training is necessary as well as treatment specific lasers are to be used.

The reason for such a stringent process to become a Laser Operator is because of the consequences and/or side effects involved with misusing lasers to perform cosmetic treatments. You would think with such severe consequences (google at your own risk) that could arise from malpractice in such a serious industry there wouldn't be "cowboys" operating amongst us but, this is far from accurate.

So do you know if the Laser Operator you've chosen to perform your treatments is properly trained? Is their laser compliant with Australian standards and regularly certified by Qld Radiation Health? Just because Susan works at "Laser Australia Clinics" and is removing your unwanted hair and you mention you want a tattoo removed too and she replies with "oh yeah, I can do that for you" doesn't necessarily mean you should let her.

At Clean Skin Laser Solutions we pride ourselves on our achievements within the Laser Industry and use our experience and training to provide safe and efficient tattoo removal treatments in our certified clinic with our certified laser. You don't need to ask us if we're licensed or certified, all of our achievements are hung on our wall front and center or clearly visible on our machines. come in and see for yourself!

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