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"How many treatments of tattoo removal will I need?"

When it comes to answering how many treatments are required to achieve a desired result only broad (but accurate) information can (and should) be provided to give not just the best understanding but an honest understanding of what to expect from your treatments (and sorry, it’s a bit more of a read than you may have been expecting).

Unfortunately some clinics use answering this question as a sales tactic and in doing so set unrealistic expectations. Setting “personalized” treatment ranges based simply on what a tattoo looks like, information shared at a consultation or results from previous clients can be very misleading.

From what we’ve seen come through our clinic we’ve found it’s close to impossible to predict an exact number on how many treatments a tattoo requires to achieve the clients desired result. Each individual tattoo is 100% unique, there’s no “one size fits all” answer to the question and it can sometimes be a bit of a “how long’s a piece of string” type question. There’s a long list of factors which effect how well ink is moved from the treated area with one of the biggest being how efficient a clients immune & lymphatic system are or put simply, the clients general health.

Take this scenario into consideration: hypothetically speaking if you and your friend got the exact same tattoo from the exact same tattooist in the exact same location on your body at the exact same time with the exact same ink tattooed with the exact same technique and you and your friend are the exact same age and both have the exact same skin type you would think your tattoos would fade at relatively the same rate wouldn’t you? Well not exactly, how efficiently is your immune system going to heal the ink away after treatment and how well does your lymphatic system dispose of the ink? There’s no amount of question we could ask you on a consent form that will answer those questions.

We base our honest indication of average treatments on 1650+ treatments on 500+ clients performed in our clinic and a study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. That study revealed that complete removal of all tattoos in a 100 patient/client study was achieved in the range of 3 to 20 treatments. From results we’ve seen in our clinic our clients have achieved complete removal of their tattoos in 7 to 17 treatments. With this information we say allow for an AVERAGE of 12 treatments to achieve complete remove of a tattoo.

Sorry we can’t be anymore precise on this for you but luring potential clients in with dishonest sakes spiels is not what we’re about.

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