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  • Why choose Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal?

  • How many tattoo removal sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

  • How long do I need to wait between treatments?

  • What is the cost of laser tattoo removal?

  • How much does tattoo removal hurt?

  • What does tattoo removal feel like?

  • Can I use Numbing Cream for Tattoo Removal?

  • Is tattoo removal safe?


  • Can tattoo removal cause scarring?

  • Is tattoo removal effective? Does tattoo removal remove tattoos completely?

  • Can I get a tattoo over skin I've had laser treatments on?

  • Tattoo removal vs cover up

  • How soon after getting a new tattoo can I get it removed?

  • Saline tattoo removal vs laser tattoo removal

  • What tattoo removal laser does Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal use?

  • Do you treat all skin types?

  • Can I bring a friend, partner or my kids with me?

  • Do you provide tattoo removal training?




Why choose Clean Skin?

WE UNDERSTAND HOW TATTOO REMOVAL WORKS, we take our time to learn from our experiences and research all aspects of tattoo removal. We apply our number 1 core value INTEGRITY to every aspect of our business. We can also 110% relate to your predicament as we’ve had many tattoos of our own lasered for probably the same reason you’re choosing to get yours removed also. We provide safe and quick tattoo removal treatments with continuous results. We are a QLD Radiation Health Licensed operator and our Laser and Clinic are also QLD Radiation Health Certified.

How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

When answering this question we do things a little different to avoid setting unrealistic expectations. We provide very broad but accurate information to give the best understanding possible of what to expect.


From our experience we’ve found it’s close to impossible to put an exact number on how many treatments a tattoo requires to achieve complete removal. Each individual tattoo is 100% unique, there’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question and it can sometimes be a bit of a “how long’s a piece of string” type question. There’s a long list of factors which effect how well ink is removed from the particular area of the body with one of the biggest being how efficient a clients immune & lymphatic system (as mentioned in the previous question) are or put simply, the clients general health.


Because of these factors and not knowing which factors apply to each tattoo (sometimes until several treatments in) it makes it very difficult to predict a particular number of treatments.


The information we use to give an honest indication of an average number of treatments is gathered from our 1200+ treatments and from a study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. That study revealed that complete removal of all tattoos in a 100 patient/client study was achieved in the range of 3 to 20 treatments. So from this information and our data we say AN AVERAGE of 11.5 (yes, a half a treatment) treatments are required to completely remove a tattoo.


If you’d like to read more on the study CLICK HERE!

How long do I need to wait between treatments?

We require a minimum of 6 weeks between treatments to allow your skin to heal sufficiently. This is the absolute minimum, if you choose to allow for more time between treatments that’s ok, it won’t negatively effect the removal process at all.


At the 6 week mark the ink doesn’t just stop fading, it will continue to be removed from the area for months to come, the 6 weeks is just to allow the treated area to heal.

What is the cost of laser tattoo removal?

We pride ourselves on providing affordable tattoo removal and believe we are one of the most competitively priced clinics in Brisbane. Tattoo removal prices are based predominantly on the size of the tattoo. If you have a number of tattoos you want removed at the same appointment we can “package” them together or offer an hourly rate to keep process as economical as possible. If you'd like a quick quote to get your tattoos removed hit THIS LINK to fill out our Quick Quote form.


How much does tattoo removal hurt?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance so we can't give an exact answer. What makes the process tolerable is that tattoo removal is fast, significantly faster than getting the tattoo. You know the saying, “No Pain, No Gain” right?

What does tattoo removal feel like?

"Tattoo removal feels like getting flicked by a big rubber band" is the response we most commonly hear from our clients and we 100% agree with this statement.

Can I use numbing cream for tattoo removal?

Yes you can, although effectiveness of numbing creams vary from client to client. Numbing creams can be purchased from a pharmacy and applied before treatment as directed by your Pharmacist.

Is tattoo removal safe?

Tattoo removal IS safe but like any treatment performed using a laser there are risks involved. Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal have taken every precaution possible and have implemented multiple control measures to ensure the highest levels of safety during treatments.


The short answer, NO! There hasn't been enough research done to determine whether laser tattoo removal is or isn't harmful to unborn babies.

Can tattoo removal cause scarring?

Being shot with a laser involves a lot of heat being absorbed by the skin, this heat can sometimes cause small blisters. If these blisters aren’t cared for properly they can burst and become infected. This is the most common was any type of scar tissue would develop from tattoo removal treatments. Obviously if scar tissue developed during the healing process of the tattoo (which is super common) this scar tissue will remain once the ink is gone. At Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal there are no unnecessary short cuts taken to get your tattoo removed quickly at the expense of your body.


Is tattoo removal effective? Does tattoo removal remove tattoos completely?

Yes it is and yes it does, but how many treatments it takes to achieve varies from client to client and in most cases tattoo to tattoo on the same client. We've achieved many complete tattoo removals which you can see on either our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Can I get a tattoo over skin I've had laser treatments on?

YES!  Tattoos can be completely removed or lightened to be tattooed over.

Tattoo removal vs cover up

We too often see clients who got a cover up tattoo over an unwanted tattoo. Usually the original tattoo is very small with the cover up being significantly bigger and usually really dark to cover the original tattoo. If we're ever asked "Should I get tattoo removal or a cover up?" our response is ALWAYS - BOTH! We always recommend getting a tattoo you'd like covered up lightened first as this then allows you many more options for the cover up tattoo.

How soon after getting a new tattoo can I get it removed?

Before laser tattoo removal can begin the tattoo has to be 100% healed (healing takes between 8 to 12 weeks). Starting laser tattoo removal too soon can lead to scarring and skin pigmentation issues so we have adopted the approach of requiring the longer period of 12 weeks before starting treatment.

Saline tattoo removal vs laser tattoo removal

Saline tattoo removal is often used for the removal of cosmetic tattoos like eyebrows. We have a strong relationship with an extremely reputable eyebrow technician who is actually also one of our clients who has told us saline tattoo removal is only successful on very shallow ink and its very hard to know just how deep ink is. Therefore tattoo removal of eyebrows is far more successful with a laser rather than saline solution. Typically it takes 2-3 treatments to remove eyebrow tattoos.

What tattoo removal laser does Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal use?

The machine is called a "Clinical Lucas Plus" which is a Q-Switched Laser with a high powered 2 wavelength Nd:YAG Q-Switched system. If you would like more information on this Laser please click the link below.

Check out the Clinical Lucas Plus Laser

Do you treat all skin types?

In reference to the Fitzpatrick Skin Scale, we treat skin types 1 to 4. Treatment of skin types 5 and 6 is very unpredictable with the risk of Keloid Scarring, Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation significantly increased therefore we do not treat skin type 5 or 6. You can find more information on the Fitzpatrick Scale here:

Can I bring a friend, partner or my kids with me?

Yes, you can. We do however require everyone in the clinic to wear protective glasses during treatment.

Do you provide tattoo removal training?

Yes we do! Once you have completed the required competencies and have obtained your Queensland Radiation Health Trainee Use License you can then start your 100 hours of practical training under the supervision of our Radiation Safety Officer. If you would like to learn more go to our Training page!




IMPORTANT: It is a condition of Radiation Health Use Licenses that a knowledgeable Medical Practitioner is to supervise (be consulted before commencing treatment) all stages of treatments involving the use of a laser apparatus. Please see your Doctor/GP before your first appointment so they’re aware you are planning on getting lasered and to discuss any potential risks.


  • Tattoo removal and sun exposure do not mix! Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds and fake tanning for 4 weeks before treatment and refrain from using these products and exposing your tattoo to the sun throughout the course of your treatments.

  • Please inform your Laser Operator of any medications you’re taking prior to beginning treatment to reduce any risk of photosensitivity.


  • If you are having treatment on an area that has body hair, you may shave the area 2-3 days prior to treatment. This is optional but do note that if unshaven, the hair may turn white during treatment due to the absorption of the pigment in the hair but will return to its original colour as the hair re-grows.

  • DO NOT shave on the treatment day to reduce any risk of cuts or open wound or sensitivity to the skin. We have clippers in our clinic to shave the treatment area.

  • If you don’t deal with any kind of sun-burn type heat sensation very well always tell our laser operator prior to treatment. If you experience any discomfort during treatment please let us know asap so the energy can be adjusted to your individual pain tolerance. As you progress through your treatments your tolerance to the discomfort will increase allowing us to gradually increase the setting we laser you on.


  • There will be redness, sensitivity, soreness & swelling as well as potentially bruising, small blood blisters & blistering after each treatment. This is normal but please touch the treated area as little as possible except to cool it with an ice pack.

  • Apply ice packs if necessary in the first 2 hours to reduce discomfort and minimise the risk of blistering.

  • Blistering is always a possibility, they are superficial and rarely results in any scarring. They should be treated like sunburn or any other blister. Keep the area clean & DO NOT burst blisters or pick at the scab as this may cause infection and/or scars to form.

  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours after treatment (especially in Summer) to avoid excess temperature in the treated area.

  • No swimming for 3 days after treatment as Chlorine and salt can aggravate treatment areas and increase sensitivity.

  • Apply a high potency Vitamin E Cream to the treated area as often as possible.

  • Keep the treated area completely covered from the sun throughout your entire treatment plan but if sun exposure is unavoidable apply previously mentioned Vitamin E as well as a minimum SPF 30+ Sun Screen.

  • Sun exposure must be avoided for preferably at least 2 months after treatment as exposure to the sun may intensify lighter pigmentation.

  • In the unlikely event of the skin being broken during treatment purchasing an Antiseptic Powder is recommended to help accelerate the healing process. It is also handy to have in your First Aid Kit at home.

  • The skin is fragile after treatment, if applying makeup pat gently. Makeup can be applied immediately after treatment as long as the skin is not broken. If the skin is broken apply previously mentioned Antiseptic Powder.


At Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations and/or changes of appointments, this allows enough time for your appointment to be reallocated to other clients. We also understand that situations can arise where 24 hours notice is not possible to give, therefore we allow the cancellation and/or change of appointments with less than 24 hours notice ONCE ONLY with a fee of 20% of the quoted treatment price incurred each appointment cancelled and/or changed thereafter.

We trust that the fairness of this policy is evident and that you understand that it applies to every client every time. This policy is important for us to continue to provide a high level or care and timely service.

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