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We had the dream of starting a Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic, that dream is now reality. We worked tirelessly to build our clinic quite literally from the ground up while also completing multiple courses plus 100 hours of laser training under the supervision of a Queensland Radiation Health Safety Officer which set strong foundations for achieving what we have to date. We’re now on the path to becoming Brisbane's best tattoo removal clinic and loving every minute of it!


Many people go through life without ever finding their purpose, we are lucky enough to have not only found our purpose but OUR PASSION! How do we know we’ve found our passion? We’ve found a “job” that we can be 110% ourselves in every interaction we have with everyone we interact with. We can also genuinely say that we are not in the business of just removing tattoos, we’re here to provide honest information that is useful and realistic to anyone who is considering removing a tattoo for whatever reason.


Providing this information comes easy to us as we can totally relate to your predicament of wanting your tattoo removed because we’ve been in the exact same boat as you. We’ve been through having the thoughts of “everyone is staring at it”, “it’s not centred” or “it’s crooked” so are very understanding of your situation and treat you accordingly (we treat you how we would like to be treated).


We have many loyal clients who have either achieved complete removal of their tattoo, had an amazing cover up over an old tattoo we have lightened or are well on their way to having their tattoo completely removed. We believe this loyalty is a direct reflection of how confident and comfortable our clients feel with having chosen us for their tattoo removal journey.

Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal is located in Mount Cotton just 5 minutes down the road from Sirromet Wines, we’re easily accessible from the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan City, Redlands City and of course Brisbane City.


In our Queensland Radiation Certified Clinic we have one of the best lasers for tattoo removal - the Lucas Pro Dual Wavelength Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser (which too is Qld Radiation Health Certified), a Paramedical Needling Pen as well as an iCOOL Cold Air Cooling System which is capable of consistently cooling the skin to any desired temperature to aid in keeping our clients as comfortable as possible throughout their tattoo removal treatments. We are licensed tattoo removalists by Qld Radiation Health and over our years of operating remain focused on constantly improving our skills and processes to provide safe and efficient tattoo removal with excellent results. Our results can be seen in our tattoo removal before and after photo grids on our Facebook and Instagram pages or on our RESULTS page.

If you want to see what we're all about, hit the "BOOK NOW" button below and come in for a consultation!


#1 OPERATE WITH INTEGRITY: Do the right thing ALWAYS - Be honest, realistic & fair in every aspect of the business

#2 SAFETY IS KEY: Follow procedure - Ensure general health & skin health is NEVER COMPROMISED

#3 ACCOUNTABILITY: Give the people what they want - Respond to any questions, enquiries or concerns if not immediately at earliest convenience

#4 CREATURE COMFORTS: Knowledge is power – Give all knowledge necessary to ensure comfort & confidence in the journey

#5 KEEP IT IMMACULATE:  - So fresh and so clean - Maintain the cleanest Clinic and beyond


#6 GO THE EXTRA MILE: Provide unmatched value – It doesn’t stop at just operating a laser

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"Continuous improvement
superior treatment"

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