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We had the dream of starting a Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic based on the Bayside of Brisbane which we have been working towards making a reality since 2014. With the completion of our theory examinations, 100 hours of practical training under the supervision of a Radiation Safety Officer and many more hours spent behind the scenes our dream has in fact become a reality.


At Clean Skin Laser Tattoo Removal we are proud to provide our clients with an experience which exceeds expectation. We don't just remove or lighten tattoos, we remove that constant reminder of the past, we remove something old to make room for something new and fresh, we get rid of that tattoo holding you back from getting that dream job or we just help you with that decision you now ragret (no typo). With our Laser Operators having been tattooed and Lasered we can relate to your situation and therefore understand the importance of keeping you comfortable before, during and after treatment. 

In our Queensland Radiation Certified Studio Clinic we have the most advanced machines - the Lucas Pro Dual Wavelength Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser which too is Qld Radiation Health Certified, a Paramedical Needling Pen as well as a CryoPro Cooling System which is capable of cooling the skin to any desired temperature. We are Licensed by Qld Radiation Health and during our 100 hours of practical training have learnt all aspects necessary to carry out all procedures in a safe and efficient manner. We have learnt from the best in the business with our mentor being in the Laser Industry for over 30 years, owning her Clinic where we completed our practical training. We plan to follow in her footsteps and provide our clients with nothing but the best for many years to come.

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SAFETY: General Health & Skin Health is #1 priority.

RELIABILITY: Respond to any questions, enquiries or concerns within the hour.

EDUCATE: Provide clients with the necessary knowledge about their chosen treatment ALWAYS!

CLEANLINESS: Maintain a clean and sterile Clinic.

HONESTY: Be honest and fair when recommending treatments and products.

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